"Schooltree's epic rock opera is defiantly, fantastically ambitious."NPR

"Heterotopia is, indeed, an opera, and it operates on an oceanic scale." — WBUR's the ARTery
"Yup, it's wild." —The Herald
"Unapologetically immersive." —Seatgeek
“Pure art rock focused on tightly written songs.”—Progarchives
"One of the best long-form prog storytelling masterpieces ever recorded."  —Progarchy
"Rich in both scope and vision." —Glorydaze

From siren song of doom to shredding anthem of the righteous, Schooltree is art rock for dark times. Led by studio whiz Lainey Schooltree, "an artist who clearly doesn't know the meaning of the word compromise" (Glorydaze), the 5-piece band charts a stubbornly individualistic path in the era of the algorithm-driven pop single, waging war on music trends pandering to the lowest common denominator with their second studio release Heterotopia.

Four years in the making, Heterotopia is an award-winning art rock odyssey through a dystopian dreamworld: a rock opera in two acts meticulously produced as an ambitious 100-minute double album. Fusing the research of a classical aesthetic and a lifelong love of rock music, the result is something uniquely accessible, visceral, and profound. With its fully developed original story, metaphysical concepts and unique mythos, Heterotopia is captivating new listeners every day.

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selections from Heterotopia


What people are saying

"Heterotopia is, indeed, an opera, and it operates on an oceanic scale. The music is fluid and prismatic, churning through knotty riffs and shimmery hooks before coming to rest, briefly, in sublime moments of repose... With its harmonic inventiveness and timbral expressiveness, Heterotopia nods as much to Schooltree’s classical loves — Debussy, Bartók, Satie — as her prog rock influences. But more than anything it reflects her exacting musical vision."   |   NPR

"Lainey Schooltree spent years putting together a 100-minute double album telling the tale of Suzi, a dreamer and underachiever who loses her body and has to take a trip through the collective unconscious to retrieve it. Yup, it’s wild — think less 'Hair,' more Genesis’ 'The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway.' "    |   The Herald

"One of the best long-form prog storytelling masterpieces ever recorded."   |   Progarchy

"[Heterotopia] just never tires. It's still giving up its secrets, such is the range and depth of material on display."   |   Fireworks Magazine

"During a time when the fight for reproductive rights is again part of the national conversation, the poignancy of a writing a character who’s literally on a journey to reclaim her body isn’t lost on Schooltree. And the opera has shades of dystopian fare like 1984 and Fahrenheit 451, both of which have seen sales spikes in the 'alternative facts' era."   |   Scout

"Here we have an artist who obviously doesn't know the meaning of the word compromise and as such has produced an album that is rich in both scope and vision."   |   Glorydaze

"Taken individually, all of the songs are interesting and enjoyable, and taken as a whole, Heterotopia is a considerable achievement, worthy of notice outside of the band’s hometown, and a notch or two above any number of overblown prog epics from recent years that I could name."    |   Exposé

"Paired with the heady psychological themes, Heterotopia is a lot to take in at once — but then again, Schooltree never really intended for it to be any other way."   |   Vanyaland