kickstarter launched

...And so it begins.

In case you haven't heard, Heterotopia is a metaphysical fantasy rock opera we've been working on for three years and recording as a double album (over 100 minutes in length!) for just about a year now, and it's ALMOST DONE. The story follows Suzi, existential everygirl and underachiever extraordinaire, who loses her body and must journey through the parallel world of the collective unconscious to get it back. At an hour and forty minutes long, it's an epic piece that takes the listener on a hero's symphonic odyssey through a dystopian dreamworld. It's deeply inspired by the work of fantasy writers like Tolkien and the music of art rock bands like Genesis. We're currently raising funds to bring this into the world. If you want help us make this crazy album happen, please check out our Kickstarter campaign to learn more.